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Live at the Baked Potato 2LP

Live at the Baked Potato 2LP

This edition is the 3 sided vinyl with special mosaic etching on side 4. The album was recorded at the legendary Los Angeles jazz Club on 1 February 2019 from one single fabulous set. The band, comprising John Etheridge (guitar), Theo Travis (sax, flute, Rhodes), Roy Babbington (bass) and John Marshall (drums), recorded the album as part of the ‘Hidden Details / 50th Anniversary world tour’.

Track listing:

Side A

  1. OUT- BLOODY- INTRO (Travis/Ratledge)
  2. OUT-BLOODY - RAGEOUS (Pt1) (Ratledge)
  3. SIDEBURN (Marshall) 
  4. HAZARD PROFILE (Pt 1) (Jenkins) 
  5. KINGS AND QUEENS (Hopper) 

Side B

  2. HEART OFF GUARD (Etheridge) 
  3. BROKEN HILL (Etheridge) 

Side C

  2. LIFE ON BRIDGES (Travis)
  3. HIDDEN DETAILS (Travis)

The album is released on Tonefloat records on 180gm vinyl, was mixed by Andrew Tulloch and features artwork by Carl Glover. It comes in 3 editions – Clear Vinyl, Blue Vinyl and Marbled Vinyl each copy numbered. A Bundle edition is also offered, comprising all three coloured editions (6 discs).

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Live at the Baked Potato CD

Live at the Baked Potato CD

SOFT MACHINE - Live at the Baked Potato.  A CD edition of this 2020 release is now available for Pre-order. The album is released in the UK and Europe on 3 July 2020.

CDs to be shipped on 30 June 2020.

In 2018 Soft Machine released their first studio album under the original name in 37 years called 'Hidden Details'. In support of this widely acclaimed and heralded album, John Etheridge (electric guitar), Roy Babbington (bass guitar), John Marshall (drums) and Theo Travis (saxophones, flute, Fender Rhodes piano) toured the world during 2018 and 2019.

A live album from this extensive tour recorded at the Baked Potato, Los Angeles, USA on 1 February 2019 is released now on CD on John Etheridge’s DYAD label and in the USA and Japan on Moonjune records. The album was initially released as limited edition 2LP with only 200 numbered copies each on transparent, blue and marbled vinyl.  A few copies are still available from this same page.

Track listing is-

  1. Out –bloody-intro  (Travis/ Ratledge)
  2. Out-bloody-rageous (Ratledge)
  3. Sideburn (Marshall)
  4. Hazard Profile (pt1) (Jenkins)
  5. Kings and Queens (Hopper)
  6. The Tale of Taliesin (Jenkins)
  7. Heart off Guard (Etheridge)
  8. Broken Hill (Etheridge)
  9. Fourteen Hour Dream (Travis)
  10. The Man Who Waved at Trains (Ratledge)
  11. Life on Bridges (Travis)
  12. Hidden Details (Travis)

John Etheridge – Electric guitar

Theo Travis  - Saxophones, flute, Fender Rhodes piano

Roy Babbington – Bass guitar

John Marshall  - Drums

Produced by Theo Travis

Co-produced by Soft Machine

Recorded at the Baked Potato, Studio City, Los Angeles, USA on 1 February 2019 as part of the Soft Machine 50th Anniversary World Tour    

Recording engineer Guillermo T. Berrino

Mixed and mastered by Andrew Tulloch, at the Blue Studio, London.

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